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2014-02-03 06:41:12 (UTC)

Back Home and to work

I arrived back early yesterday morning. It was a good trip. It was nice to leave the house and look at what my contemporaries are doing out there. I manage to get my cousin to bankroll the setup of a single shop. So for the next 6 months we would be looking at setting up and running a single shop. Depending on how that goes. He may be ready for us to open several other shops. If this happens I will need to move over there and start running the business. I am excited but scarred as well. In the meantime I have a couple of Financial applications I hope to develop and implement in the same environment.

I am back at work today after a month off. The next six months is going to determine my life. I hope this 6 months contract I start today will be my last so that I can go back home to start running my businesses.

Things are fine at home. My daughter's birthday today. I hope to just keep out of her way and we have no major clashes (personal). I expect some interactions through our solicitors as she has applied for a divorce and is threatening an order to evict me from the house. I can't bring myself to respond to her emails (2 of them). One informing me of our son's hospital appointment I have to go for and the other requesting how much I will contribute towards our daughter's birthday party this weekend.