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2014-02-02 18:09:21 (UTC)

Ashamed of being his daughter....

I am so ashamed of my dad. He is the worst person i have seen in my life, the most selfish, useless, irresponsible and actually all bad adjectives u can put in goes to him like mean, ruthless, rude, hopeless and i mean it. He had never out done his duties responsibilties towards being a father, son or husband. He lives for himself. He is worried only for himself. Better i would never had a father than having such a pathetic person as a father. While, one other hand my mom is an angel, he is selfless, kind, and all good quality. She looked after my dad so well inspite of his bad behaviour but, in return what did she get?? A NOTHING.. god says do good deeds without worrying about the fruit. I want to say god my mom did that.. she has always dine good karma now show me what u got for her.?? She never git happiness in her life. Ever since i was a child i always thought of getting my mom on whatever she points on. But , here my bad luck i hanvt achived anythung in life yet.
I will never forgive my so called father for hurting my mom, disrespecting her, yes for abusing her, for never appriciating whatever she has done for him, for making her sad and for tears which u gave her...never ever.. i will belive in karma if i see u from my own eyes u getting punished from god. Lets see how much justice god can n will do.
I AM SO DAMN ASHAMED... i don't know what is father's love. How is relationship between dad n daughter.he never cared me. Never askes me about my feelings, about me. He is the one in this whole wide world to whom i hate lile anything and tje irony is i live with him under same roof. His presence annoys me he exist or not doesn't matter to me at all. He doesn't give space to me. I just so damn haaattee him.
Dad u never cared for me, sis,mom nobody expect urself. I sorry but, ill never forgive u making me ashamed of u. And i hate n n will always.
I will always have that pain in my heart of not having good father in this life. And mom i love u lik anything muhaaa n my sis u too my soul love u alot..... i feel sad for having so much hatered in my heart dat to for my blood.
Hey u all out there respect your dad n mom for doing so much for u... coz my dad doesn't n never.
Gud nite peeps...
God u knw everything...bless all.