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me and my life
2014-01-29 11:06:16 (UTC)


Hey, i bought black jeans and red jacket for my bday :) my sis bought but,i'm not gonna take it from her because she already sent lot on me.

Today , again she was sounding upset which is obvious as nothing is stable in her life. i feel so so sooo sad that i can't even express. :( she is very much broken from inside but, never show us but, i can read that when she shared her bad mood to me some thing happen to me i feel like my brain is squeezed and all nerves are jumbled i feel like fuck u all i don't want anything just life be nice to my sis :/ but sadly, i can't do any thing. soon she may go to abroad(i siad may) nothing is fixed everthing on luck. my exam will finish on 1st feb and den i have to do somthing. Nothing is stable in life.. very ugly phase which have to pass by soon but, i know this is just beginning i have to face many bad days in life and all i want is strength :( god please i beg u be nice to my sissy she is nice u knw dat. i just can't see her sad n upset, whatever she is going through is very difficult. she is strong.
i console her my saying that give time everything will be fine one day just wait for right time to arrive. what else i can do. nothing is in my hand. everyone is own creator of his own life...
Pigi is all set in her new job n happy, even if she is getting three times less salary than what she got before she is ok with it.
Life is really BITCH! hope for all good cyaaaa!!