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2014-01-28 05:46:54 (UTC)


This is a bad way to start my first true diary entry but I want to discuss my hair. I know that sends a message but trust me, it's not what it looks like.

First off, I could and have been classified as a Tom Girl. I dressed for comfort more than style. Seriously...I usually look like a colorblind hobo. Loose t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. No makeup, no jewelry, no sprinkle of glitter or tweeting of songbirds. The less effort it takes to make myself marginally socially acceptable looking, the better.

This rolls over into the problem of my hair.

You see, my hair can be managed, I suppose, with a little primping. But I don't primp. I don't like the idea of chemicals all over my head day in and day out, I don't like an accessories beyond the obligatory hairband, and I stay at an arm's-length from all crimpers, flatirons, and curling irons.


Because not only do I absolutely suck at operating this stuff but I see it as unnecessary torture. Why would I waste an hour every morning trying and failing to curl my hair into magazine-worthy twists, burning myself in the process and killing my arms, when I could be doing something more important, like sleeping? Besides, the hobo fashion doesn't usually compliment a ballerina bun.

So what do I do with my hair?

I wash it, I brush it, and, occasionally, I cut it. That's all I have ever been able to commit to. As such, my teenage years are littered with awkward hair photos and semi-disgusted looks from girls (and guys) who don't like that I didn't do the bare minimum of styling.

My hair is thick (seriously, doctors and hairstylists alike have gone 'ooooh, so thiiiiick' retrospect they could have chosen better wording) and veers seasonally between golden-brown and coffee-brown. It used to be Shirley Temple curly but now it tends to make big, sometimes dramatic waves. The texture is dry and poofy. Yeah, I think it's the local humidity.

Anyways, I've tried a few different looks. I've dyed it (dark purple was an awesome phase but the gold highlights weren't). I've thinned it (yeah, that's supposed to help with the poofing didn't. At all.) I've tried boy short (DEAR LORD THAT WAS AMAZING!!! It wasn't my look but it was such a nice feeling that I did not care!)Bangs, while cute, liked to be primped or they would become my Mom's personal nag subject. Usually cutting it results in a bob, one or two head-wrapping waves that just make my face look really...chunky.

Again, I could style it into cuteness but eh, why? I wouldn't be for me if I did.

So what I'm dealing with at the moment (and what I revert back religiously) is underboob-length, very wavy, somewhat frizzy, very poofy, prone to tangling hair. Think Carole King with 'bigger' waves. Now I both hate and love this style. Hate because it's hot and heavy and it just gets everywhere. Love because it doesn't look as bad as my other styles when I don't style and the weight of it kind of calms everything down a bit. No explanation.

Moving on.

I'm planning on chopping my hair off again by summer. I'll probably donate it. I'm cutting it either way, might as well attempt to make it into something useful. I'm going to chop it because it's just time and I want a change. Nothing more. I'm planning on a simple below the chin cut, thinning it probably just because it felt nice even if it didn't do anything, and maybe MAYBE a radical color like blue. I want to go back to the boycut but I'm a bit paranoid about that look. (FYI: boys, never, ever, ever bark at a girl. Even if she's about as appealing to you as moldy salami. She's human and the insinuation effs up her mind in ways you'd never imagine....I ought to have bitten that mothertrucker. Then at least I'd have gotten a better nickname: like Leech or Vampire or, better, Scary Girl. That would have saved me so much trouble in High School. Siiiigh...).

Yeah, my hair and I kind of dance around one another. We are Ugly Duckling, capable of being attractive but resigned to the awkward corner of Physical Attraction 101. Why? Because I don't give enough of a damn and I'm not big on conforming. If I were a dude, this look would be so much more understandable. : /

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