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me and my life
2014-01-26 18:47:01 (UTC)

Little fun..

Yesterday, i had gone to meet my friend, she got the job n her joining is from Monday, that's Tomorrow. So, she had to purchase some formal shirts, she wanted me to accompany her. Later, my sis joined us and we had supa fun, my sis spread smiles, joy where ever she go. my friend met my sis for first time and she liked my sis, I'm proud of my sister hope everything will be fine with her. ok! We had lunch then yummi ice cream n donut, chatted for while and decided to go to Mini sea shore, we clicked few pics and then to street food famous place Utsav chawk finally had chicken momos they were yum and left for home it was late then.
Today was normal day. i met my sis and wanted to buy clothes but, didn't found anything good end up taking tommy hilfiger perfume :D and one soft toy for poo as her birthday gift. :)
i procrastinate my studying plan whole day n tomorrow ill end up having loads of study burden :(

I some how managed to loose weight and i have lost it i was 49 but whe i weight myself its 50kg how 0_0 i guess that machine was not correct.. my friends laughed on me when i said this , but i really don't trust that machine i better in clinic. Every one say me that i look thin tha before, i just have to work on my abs though. soon ill have very flat abs :D
olrite gn peeps hope u had great weekend :)