My Life.❤️
2014-01-26 18:46:37 (UTC)

Bedroom plans. (:

Well today I talked to 1 and I really wanna redo my room but she said she wasn't paying for it that everything I wanted I had to buy myself knowing good and well I don't have that kind of money. Like really?

Anyway besides the fact that I have to save up about $400 I have come up with everything planned out!(: I'm not gonna start doing anything until I have everything bought. The reason for that is so that I can finish everything in about a week or so that way I don't have to keep some old stuff in here and then change it out with the new stuff when it comes it.
Sheet Set-20.63
Decorative Pillows-20.00 x14
3 tier shelf-19.34
Fabric drawers-5.09 x10
Decorating clips-7.29 x2
Chaise Bench-105.72
Belt Hanger-6.87
Scarf Hanger- 11.19
Coat rack-31.99
Calender Board-16.91
Bulletin Board-12.16
Double Rod Closet-35.00
Christmas Lights-6.20 x2
Vanity set & boutique box-35.89

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