sex drugs and rock n roll
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2014-01-26 12:17:23 (UTC)

nothing is ever simple

I am happy to say that I bought a big beautiful house, the girls love it.. I still have alot going on in my life, alot of good but still alot of bad.. I'm still using drugs .. I just can't afford rehab, nor the time off work.. I feel like I'm in a loveless relationship.. I can't even tell you the last time I had sucks!! Sometimes I think it's time to move on but then we have some amazing days.. On a good note, JT finally got approved for SSI.. we have been waiting along time for that, so with his big lump sum payment we are taking the kids to Florida for a vacation and I get to see some old friends and I'm really excited for that.. Work is going good, hopefully a raise in my near future Lord knows I deserve it.. My daughter and my niece have lost another friend, his calling hours are today, thankfully his baby girl survived.. She must have had an angel on her shoulder because the car was demolished.. I hate seeing them sad.. Please drive safe and slow it down!!! Peace and love xoxox

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