My Life.❤️
2014-01-25 22:49:49 (UTC)


Sometimes I feel like 11 is trying to ruin my life. Shes always such a brat to me and is always trying to embarrass me. Like today in science I sat in the wrong seat on an ACCIDENT and when she walked in she got an attitude with me and said "Bailey you better get out of my seat now." KNOWING GOOD AND WELL I WAS ABOUT TO MOVE! I mean come on I had already moved my jacket and was picking up my book bag and books to move. Then that same day at lunch she walked right in front of me and made me spill my food. I mean really do you not think you've bullied me enough this week? I wanna say something to her soooo bad but I can't because of her freaking mom. 11 thinks shes all big & bad and little miss perfect just because her mom works at the school and can protect ugly little ego. She might fit societies description of BEAUTIFUL but I hate to break it to her but it takes a good person on the inside to be beautiful on the outside. 9 is no where close to being pretty on the inside.