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me and my life
2014-01-24 18:20:18 (UTC)

till date....

Today, i had exam n it was ok types. Travelling makes me tired but i have 4 days gap for my next exam so i was all energetic. i came home had lil of lunch just to fill my tummy and had my fav big orange with salt n chilly powder. then i chatted with frend on FB. Then by evening i had walk with mom and came back home skipped dinner n now m humgry :/ its 12.08am n my mom is so sweet instead of getting mad at me she is bz making omlet for me :* love u mama.
today while going for walk i saw very tiny kitten meowing on rad n dog were behind her but they din't harm her now i see down my window she was meowing between two scooties, she was meowing constantly i don't understand animals n m also lil scared of dogs n cats(stupid thing i knw but, i am) but i read somewhere that wen cat wants help when she wants to communicate with humans she meows maybe she was hungry so i gave her small bowl of milk which spilt while giving her hehe again i filled the bowl and gave her n i closed the door before dad comes as he does not entertain such acts hehe he nags :/ then m having my omlet cyaaaazzz nom nom peeps:)