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2014-01-24 08:16:18 (UTC)

She will fail

I have a battle on my hands with the impending divorce case. Yesterday was very bad. I was raging and filled with anger. Overnight I tried to calm myself down. All along and not surprisingly I have been fighting with a lot of emotions. Understandably so as this was the woman though I did wrong I loved so much. It is the worst case scenario. Adapting to hostility from someone you cared deeply for.
I have settled into my ‘Quiet Time’ routine in the morning where I read the bible and pray to God. I take one day at a time. I pray for the day that God will see me through. Make me humble and not be filled with anger. I have also tried to step back from the confrontation and look at it objectively as much as I can. I need to listen to myself and use my biggest weapon, my intellect. The first thing I have resolved to doing is to have no expectations of her. This way, I am not disappointed or affected by her actions. I take them in my stride. She is motivated by vendetta and her hatred campaign against me s to see me leave the property. Before this it was the income from the land I sold. That was all she banged on about. Now that she has realised there is no income she is now seeking to get the whole property. I also discovered she has opened an account in Switzerland, this is probably in an attempt to hide all her money. She is motivated (again) by money. It is such a shame.

From now on she is going to fight a very intelligent man. A man that has cast is burden on to God and will still continue to do what is right. She will fail in her campaign. I know she will fail.

I travel for a week. When I get back I will post the letters our solicitors have exchanged. See you in about a week.