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2014-01-23 22:27:13 (UTC)


I rushed into the hospital and i almost hit someone on my way. I didn't think for a minute to use the elevator.. I took the stairs. I already knew where they were having him. As i entered the right floor i stood for a second to catch my breath. I didn't even have to ask for the room he was. I could clearly hear his screams.. i just followed his voice. I was running as fast as i could and my heart was beating so hard i thought it was gonna pump out of my chest. While i was getting closer a doctor came out of the room and recognized me ''Thank God you're here! He wouldn't let us do anything unless he saw you!'' The doctor lead me into the room explaining what had to be done. There i saw my sweetheart writhing in pains while two nurses were trying to hold him still. I quickly run next to him, grope his arm and hold it on the bed, then I got a little closer ''I'm here baby, open your eyes!'' He calmed down at once. ''Hey, look at me.. It's me..'' I caress his hair and lean my head so he could see me. He opened his eyes and i smiled at him. He took a few big breaths. ''We have to do whatever the doctor says.. The only thing you have to do is relax and I'll be right beside you. I won't let anything bad happen to you.. I promise!'' He looked at me a little weird ''But you always say that it's not good to promise things..'' I smiled.. ''Yeah i know. But i'm sure i mean it.'' I also knew that i couldn't be completely sure about how would all that end. Although I had to give him hope. He needed it more than anything right now. So did i. But still saying out loud that nothing would hurt him while i was around, made me believe my own words and get as much strength i wanted for both of us.

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