deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2014-01-22 19:41:42 (UTC)


I Am so very pleased that you are doing better sweet girl. Much in the same way that you and He have been careful, I too have wanted to be careful with you. I did have recent travels that kept Me away, but I wasn't overly concerned because I wanted you to heal and be clearly comfortable back with Master. After reading your posts I Am more than convinced that you are handling it well and do truly seek the arms (and more) of Master! I don't know about this Sunday as I made a commitment to a lunch / house warming thing. I may or may not go, but just letting you know the potential impediment. I am guessing Saturdays are still a no go?

Loving and Missing you..............Master


Thank You for considering me and my state of mind and healing. What happened is not unusual and i had been cognizant of the possibility at my age, but it still hurts after all the initial excitement and anticipation.

We can talk more when we finally find a time to visit.


Looking forward to it! Am here now on Thursday night
awaiting your arrival.....Am excited! smiles