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2014-01-22 15:02:20 (UTC)

Happiness... :D

I came across one page on Facebook,
This is my favorite page...after going through this page what i realise is that there are so many happy moments in our day to day life which are getting ignored...really small things has happiness within. any one reading this go through the page and you will realte your self to the pics in it :D be happy :D
for me happiness is perfect coffee :)
Happiness is fresh washed blanket :P
Hapiness is Sunday breakfast that's pepper butter omlet and pav with coffee yumm.. :D
Happiness is my black long straight hair falunting hehe yes i do flaunt ;)
Happiness is hugging mom when i feel low :}
Happiness is when dad is not at home lolzzzz really :P
Happiness is seeing myself slim after deting.
and happiness is mom bringing me cute earings, she just bought one for me hehe i love u mom my happiness is u n sissy :** muhhaaaa

Any one reads this do tell me what makes u happy :)
My exam was good now relaxing tom again studing cya peeps....god bless u all being happy is so imp in