My Eyes, Heart, & Soul
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2014-01-20 05:29:30 (UTC)

My mom, I can't stand her right now

I can't stand living here right now. My mom is always mad at me. Nowadays, every time I see her, she is always pissed at me for some reason. I don't understand, she never is like this with my brother. I'm sorry that he's so freaking perfect and I'm not as good as him. I seriously can't do anything right in her eyes. It's 12:30 and she's yelling at me because I'm not doing chores?! BUG OFF! She didn't even notice that my neck was swollen and had huge scrapes on in from dance. All she ever does is look for the bad in me. I want my dad to come home, this week is going to be so stressful. she also says she is going to take away my opportunity for an internship for dance. She knows that that is my one shot to keep doing what a love. I don't get another chance. She's such a jerk and I HATE having to be stuck in the same house as her all the freaking time! I WANT OUT!

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