deanne and Connor

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2014-01-18 14:47:27 (UTC)

Feeling alone today.....

As You know i had an online class session this morning and it precluded us from visiting. i sent You a message when i was done in case You were around, w/o luck.

Its snowing hard and i am home alone. He went to work "for a few hours" this morning and is still not home. The weather was far worse than predicted today with several inches of heavy, wet snow so i am sure the roads are bad. They look it. The weather report was for rain maybe mixed with or ending as a little snow. Oh well!

i spent some time poking around Cassiopeia and seeing all our different rooms. i also read some of our diary entries and after awhile grew aroused. i went to my bed and got undressed and into my robe for both warmth and access and masturbated to thoughts of us. It was my first orgasm in several days and felt delightful -- physically and mentally.

We've not been super "busy" in the bedroom of late. i think we're both still just a little sensitive to my regaining myself. Things are good between us -- no worries there -- just a bit of a cool down in the bedroom that i am not worried about but cognizant of. Plus i really need to be careful to have at least one very normal cycle before we try again. It will happen, i am confident.

i will do my very best to visit tomorrow. i need it very much. i hope You miss me as much as i do You.

Kisses my finger and touches it to this note.....




Its now the 19th -- Sunday -- and i've sat hoping and waiting for 45 minutes so it appears as though You're not going to make it. i hope You are having a nice weekend and hope we can visit soon.


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