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me and my life
2014-01-16 19:40:14 (UTC)

Am i changed? ummm....naaa...its abt the time

Today morning as usual i gotup n checked whatsapp,whoever wished me gudmrng i wished dem back. After shower i agained checked whatsapp n see that ash texted me that"wats wrong? Don't u lik talking to me? U just wish me and neva ping me back. U have changed". Well, i read somewere that wen ppl say u dat u have changed that means you are not behaving tje way they want. But, i reverted her saying hey, nothing like dat. I hardly come on whatsapp n wish ppl who wish me n just revert whoever sent me message. Dont misunderstand.
To this she again had to say something phewww c'mon peeps its my life ill behave as i want. I dont think i was rude, indifferent with her still she has some shit her mind wat can i do for dat? I ain't got time to give clearification to all....i know why she said so coz der was time wen i use to ping her now n den n she would reply after 1000mins :p hyperbole...den niw i dont do si coz everythg has limit i cannot shiw my availabily acording her will. I wuold always ask her to meet but she neva got time from her bf. I thot nit to ask again as she is not interested why shyd i?? So now she is like karu has got frenz n she forgot me n bla bla stuff...den some other frend of mine pinged me sayin "shame on u".. aing i asked y?? He said u dint wished me on my bday. But the fact is dat i did. I said him i did,den i sent him screenshot of fb chat, n he was like arry i mean on whatsapp u din't... i felt like smacking his face i knw he was kidding but i wasn't in dat mood. I directly uninstalled whatsapp.. n u knw what i am feeling better. These apps really make life ao complicated. I shall activate it later in wen i feel like. I have other chat too wer i can chat with whom i want to.
Also studied lil...and as usual pondering abt life future bla bla bla...
Its too late now g2g cyaaaa gnsdz..