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2014-01-16 07:21:24 (UTC)

Learn German

Yup, i am thinking to persue my german course again after 3 years it strikes me that how imp it is for me it will help me in my career. i have to go slow...i won't rush once my exam is finish ill go to their office and ask about the course and fee. but, i can only start ones i get job so that i can pay the fees. i am thinking to give international test which will decide that whether i have to startup from initial level or next level. for that i have to study alot n brushup... if i would have studied then, then maybe i would have been earing so fucking handsome nevermind, its never too late for anything in life atleast for education. yup, mom n sis will get mad at me that i din't listen to them at that time but, leave it, its all about bad time n right time.
i have to complete 6 chapters today and tomorrow revision and on Saturday EXAM!!! :( i hate exams..but i am studing well get to finish it off in one go, i don't want any resitting :/ phewww n so messed up. i should meditate and calm myself down.
ppl on whatsapp are fucking my brain ash saying u arn't wishing me gm gn wtf gal its my life ill talk to them whom i want to, another is saying that i dint wish him bday go fuck ur self was that my ghost who wished him bady on fb...i think ppl are born to screw my brain errrgg my head is so hot now i uninstalled whatsapp this all techno apps n net is making me crazy. ill not refill net from next month. ill quit :/
i have to study now...cyaaa......