Just a sin
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2013-04-15 03:57:52 (UTC)

I like you. k, bye.

Yeah, I like you. I'll admit, but only to myself. No, not anybody else. No one. why? oh, that's simple. you see, i thought about it, and if anyone were to find out, and I mean anyone, i'll always be asked questions. And as long as someone keep asking questions, my feelings will always just sit at the surface. And I can't have that. Because if anything were to come out, it would ruin everything.My whole social life would be uncomfortable, well more than it is. My whole friendship would be at risk, and honestly that shit would put a whole in me. Who else would I run to when I need some help with boys, whose gonna make me laugh as hard, have heart-to-heart conversations without getting lectured or judged, or to just hangout with out having drama being brought up. And it just sucks so much, knowing you're head over heels for her, even though she treats you like shit. And then for me to always have your back, and always being there for you, treating you like you deserved to be, but yet I'm the one who doesn't get thought of. So I'll just push my feelings to the side, for now.

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