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2014-01-14 09:57:45 (UTC)

Thinking about "feelings" again

Just because I'm female why does it have to be about feelings? Why can't it just be about sex? Fuck emotions there pointless and cause too much drama. Why mention it? I'm not going to get attached this time but I am liking him more than I should the more time we spend together. Thoughts constantly going around my head, so many questions but I can't ask one. I'm leaving it for a while even though it's burning my head. If he wants me to go round I'm going to have to say no. Everything shouldn't be on his terms that's a one way system and iv been In that before. Next time we talk he can tell me what he wants and what he's feeling so I can know why all of a sudden this whilst situation has gone weird, it was only fun in the first place.

I know I should stop thinking about it but I don't get it, iv only ever been on one relationship, 5 years with my daughters dad and it was a night mare! Iv met two people since we had been broken up, I didn't do anything only went for a meal and a drink an they went funny so we stopped talking. Now I have new him for over a year since moving away and we was friends. I'd been round before but nothing had happened then one night we just ended up sleeping together. He is the second person iv slept with and I told him I don't want anything serious were friends to have fun no one needs to know anything so why does he change like the wind? I like him I really do but I told myself and him that I don't want anything more than friends and he said the same.. Now feelings have been brought up? What's the point you dot say to anyone you meet I don't want to get feelings for each other so why say it too me when were only supposed to be friends in the first place?!

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