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2014-01-14 09:31:01 (UTC)

Not very good astrology

So I was looking up astrology on both of the signs he could be and apparently a perfect match. Then I came across another site where it's women of my star sign talking about the first sign I think he could be. They like the cat and mouse game I know that but I can't be arsed with that. Yet I'm still curious to see where it gos and what would happen. The most common advise is to pull the rug from under there feet. Don't be available ect an the dynamics of the game will change. They hate to be ignored but they do it to you. SO TRUE. So basically it's saying play them back. Play hard to get. That's not me deep down I'm shy and I know when I like someone I'm clingy. I do like him but I myself thought this was nothing more than "friends" having some "fun". Too me it's like anyone I seem to like even if I just go for a drunk or picture or something have te same idea to confuse my head and play the cat and mouse game despite there star sign. So because I get attached am I the problem or reading this is it actually just the way he is? From the time iv spent with him he's completely in half of 2 star signs. He is either a aries or torus so Iv looked up both and I can't work it out!! That was aries what I was just going on about, in astrology were perfect from people in the situation were a disaster. He has the traits of a aries, loves his independence and doesn't like clingyness but isn't that just all men in general? He's confident, bossy and can be argumentative (not that we have argued but I know if someone gets on the wrong side of him they get his wrath) I hate the bossy in him, it's not that he's bossy but he likes to be in charge I the situation and I will never be under a mans control again! Not after my daughters father. Don't mind him being control in the bedroom I'm all for that any other way it's just a no! He had quite a big ego and full of pride. But once I confronted him the last time I was at his he did apologise and acknolage when he had said the wrong thing to me, crossed the line. (The strictly business thing) Also jealousy, I know he's jealous as his mate had kept asking me too to for a drink and I kept saying no. This was before me and him had ever done anything and was only friends. Then New Year's Eve they was both throwing sarcastic comments at each other and arguing over me, I'm nothing special just a normal everyday person so I don't know why then apparently I chose his friend because we spoke more. I didn't chose anyone I don't want a relationship or anything in that sense I like being single to be me without anyone telling me different. On the other hand he's a torus, extremely private doesn't like anyone knowing his business and doesn't want anyone to fin out about us. I think it's because I'm in my early 20's and he's just over 10 years older than me. He won't tell me when his birthday is that's why I'm stuck in the two starsigns I know it's April, age is just a number why be private about your birthday? Open minded says exactly what he's thinking.
Just annoys me that when I'm with him we talk, we have a laugh and have the BEST sex. Then we're cuddling and talking and all of a sudden his gaurs go's up and he doesn't do this. Other times I go round and we will cuddle as watch a movie ect but he's always changing it's like he's scared to get close to me. When I'm not with him he so formal doesn't speak anything like how I'm there his guards always up. When I'm there there's passion, fun, laughed, chilling it's perfect friendship with a little more and in one click it's gone. Does he actually like me and the reason he puts his gaurs up because he thinks we can be more but doesn't want to let himself get close because he wasn't expecting this to happen? Well only time will tell. Let the games begin!

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