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2014-01-14 09:29:31 (UTC)

Thoughts and questions

It's weird how you go round whatever happens then says it's strictly business (his word for friends with benefits) he's never called it that before we was friends who had some fun and he is a forward fucker you either take what he says personal or as a joke. As we're cuddled up he says he doesn't do cuddling or talking because he doesn't want to cross that line (in my eyes the line people tend to cross is sleeping together) Glad I told him he's a arse when he's being forward, I love forward people it's the way to be but there's a certain line in being forward and then it can be just plain offensive. There's nicer ways to say certain things. So curious on what he wants from me? At first I thought we was only friends this was before we slept together. Had to ask what the line was didn't I, he doesn't want to start getting feelings for each other? Thought were just friends. He thinks id get attached yet it seems he's the only one talking about his feelings.. What does he want?! Doesn't want a relationship, strictly buisness, only friends, friends with benefits, doesn't want to get attached, feelings? He doesn't normally do this apparently = to me being CONFUSED! Although I do feel good at the fact I told him he was the only one thinking about feelings not me. Now I hope he's sat there thinking I told her not to get attached to me but I'm thinking about falling for each other. Is he talking about his feeling because then he thinks it wouldn't happen? If you start having feelings for someone saying it won't stop it or does he think he's going to fall for me and doesn't want to? Is that denial to himself? Or not? From what I know of his past -not that I know much but we have spoke about it he always seems to know exactly what he wants from the moment anything even begins to start. A relationship, a one night stand, just friends, someone to just purely have fun with. So why Is he different with me? Iv had a hint at them all. He says things but never gives them away. Quite a guarded person, one minute were friends. Then were friends with benefits, he's too old or I'm too young. Doesn't want anyone to find out, then he's not arsed and says if I met you in a pub and not on the site I work at it wouldn't be any different. Why not just tell me exactly what he wants from me. How's that so hard when he comes out and says everything exactly how it is anyways?

Once again someone complicated but on a extremely different level. Why do I go for confusion? Like a puzzle I want to work out but after last night.. Do I really want too?