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2014-01-14 06:40:56 (UTC)

Fun before exam :)

Best time i have when i'm with my friends or with my mom n sis.
Yest, i met my frenz we had been out for shopping as one of my friend has her birthday tomorrow. she is very excited for birthday. she is all like shopping matching accessories n sandals n all. i bought only one white tee which i liked and was also cheap :p i liked one denim shirt there but, that man was so stubborn n attitude that he din't bargain...stupid he :/
Later, we met one of school days friend of poo..she was meeting him after 11 yrs. he was nice guys, he gelled with us too.. then we had lunch together had yumm chicken n Chinese, that guy paid for the bill.. he also accompanied us for the shopping, he was really patient n nice while shopping bcoz, what all i knw is guys don't like to accompany girls while shopping.. but, he took interest and helped is in shopping..i doubt he was trying to be too sweet or he was real hehehe:p
then his bike got tow so he went to police and we headed to beach there we relaxed had yum food again. Again that guy came he treated us with watermelon juice n strawberry shake with ice cream. it was late but, poo was all talking to him n all tp then we clicked pics and left for home.. was very tired but, for a day i was relaxed and stupid thoughts din't hover me.. i took hot water bath n talked to mom about my day, showed her pics n went to sleep.
From today ill be studying for exams. waiting them to get over lol before it starts hahaha..
chalo peeps cya tc :)