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me and my life
2014-01-12 13:05:30 (UTC)

Life is so damn unpredictable

I neva thought that my would be many problems n struggle all i thought of good things, i thought i'll be working n earning handsomely, i'll be having nice caring bf, i'll be all happy settled in my life n mom n sis proud of me but, to my badluck all reverse happened. Today, in my life the phase which i'm going through is really ugly i have my problems let me be specific "i have my own innumerable problems", i worry about my sis marriage failure, her life will get spoil bcoz of some one else mistake, make me feel very sad n helpless n m so upset n sad that, she is not happy n also facing very bad days than me, but neva show tat she is sad but, i now she is.. i know with passing time everything will be fine n no one can change destiny maybe, not even i ask from him immense strength to face all problems n bad things. in this bad days i have made myself very strong and hard and also mature person. my patience level, my understanding has gone to next level maybe, this is what life wants me to learn...same i can say about my sis..i really feel for her.. i wish this wouldn't have had happened to her she is very kind and good girl. all bad things happen to good people.. she have future plans for herself hope that will work out as this aint difficult at all.. but, ill always be with her in her ups n downs. i love u sissy!! and i know one day everything will be so fine that we both will laugh on the days wic we r facing today. muhhaa god bless u with all happiness..:)
Tomorrow gayu will fly to germany...isn't that so damn exciting!!! wow!!!
for me now future is surprise maybe pleasant or unpleasant lets hope for good :) my kulfi icecream turned out i love cooking as my dedication in cooking always pays me with good result and smile on my face:) cooking is like therapy to me :D
al right bye peeps god bless you all !! tc :)