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2014-01-12 12:23:34 (UTC)

Am I jealous? Yeah, I guess (part 2)

I was being online on facebook last night. I often watch him online on there too. It's rare I guess since he's a busy man. I didn't say hi or whatever to him. I read someone mention him, ah that 'super lady'. She mentioned I n T , OMG! I even didn't like him, i mean I. But, I felt being defeated or something by that 'super lady' hohoho. what a childish.

We have different 17 years gap. I think it's impossible to me to like him even love him. He's handsome, kind, friendly, smart, my precious friend too. But, I guess he doesn't like woman. #justguess lol. what a poor me if i fall in love with him. I thought he's gay, but idk when i got this impression, i think now he likes woman too. Is he bi maybe? who the hell knows =="

As long he helping me, being kind to me, I will do the same to him. ^^ whatever his sexual orientation i don't want to interrupt.

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