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me and my life
2014-01-11 17:19:12 (UTC)

I don't believe in hard work...

Yeh i knw it will sound funny to you but its true...atleast in my case. I remember many a timesni tried workedbhard but, neverbgot fruitful result. Donno y? Which demotivates me from working hard.. i can give you example i worked very hard to give auditions but no gud result, i worked hard in my studies but, neva scored upto my expectations what ever i have been doing with dedication neva paid me with sweet result donno y?
Expect my acting skills, dancing skills i always got apreciation :) wic motivated me to push myselfnin acting feild as also it interests me but, getting chance is so darn tough..or may b luck isn't favouring me :( m not blaming my luck for my inefficiency..coz here i'm honest i can lie to u but not myself its so true dat my luck is so bad in all matter my mom dad also noticed dat they say my bad days r goin going...but "nothing is permanent" :)

Ok! Second thing i wanted to share that gayu my frend is back from himachal trekking and going to GERMANYo_O she is so lucky dat her company is sending her to Germany for second time and also shared that she and her bf had planned to buy an apartment n she has goodnews abt that too.. m feels so nice if in life some good things are hpppening not like my life:'( i am really happy for her but, later i got very sad n was upset that wen things will b right in my life:- its not that m jealous or envy her na na absolutely not infact i pray for her happiness she isbvery hard working gal n m proud of her she is self made. Thumbs up to her..
I know her from college days we spend so much of time together she is very balanced n smart gal. But i also wish that good things should come to me.. i also work hard yaar.. hehe nevermind, ill try and make my life better. If i would have studied german i would also had been her her place... one of my biggest mistake of life that i quit german studies.. asshole i am..
I will still try to achive my dreams...:)
Alright then cya peeps enough for today .. gnsdz peeps