peko peko
2014-01-10 21:02:42 (UTC)

Poor my mom n grandma

Today, I went to a bank which is specially to take pension money. I went by motorcycle. My mom and grandma had been there first. I just think this life is not fair, especially to my mom. Why?? cause she has always to take care my grandma. I'm disappointed really especially to my mom's siblings. They sound don't wanna take care grandma!

Grandma has 6 children. Of course, my mom is not the only child. Trully, the most people who have to take care grandma are the sons!Not, the daughter! Well, I know mom is grandma's child. But, in my opinion, the others don't want to care grandma! My grandma is going to 78 years old this year, she's so old, isn't she? But, none who comes to visit her. I think there's none care about her except my mom! Even so, they're still badmouthing my mom, my dad, my family, my house. maybe they think it's funny, well i don't think so.

I know you all are RICHER than us! my parents only regular employment. But, please, what I want just to be more caring about grandma. Don't be depended to my mom. =="

I remembered that time, my grandma cried coz none of her sons coming to visit her! just what are they really?

I promised to my grandma, that I'll pick her up by car if I'm able to drive and get driving license! God, please I need your help to make it real. I want grandma and mom become happily ever after. No kidding, I meant it.

I believe, the D-day will come true, that someday I'll become a good kid and grandchild who can make them happy ^___^

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