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2014-01-10 12:49:45 (UTC)


I have to go for a friends surprise get-together organised by his wife. they are our mutual friend so my estranged wife is bound to be there. We are going to watch a film then dinner. I am not really looking forward to it mainly because there would be other guests there who don't know about our situation and we would then be the topic of some conversations as they would clearly see us apart in the cinema and dinner.

I had a good talk with a friend today regarding one of my filed property investment. He invested in the same community and it is like throwing money down the drain . The consensus is to may be cut our losses and just let it go. I need to think thoroughly about this and particularly pray about it. I want to keep as I look at it as an expense that I will be rewarded in later years or even it may be my children that will be rewarded but the issue is can I afford this expense? Is the money not better of on some other fruitful investment or clearing my debts? This are the questions that I need to answer.

The main word for me this year is boldness. I have to be bold in all my targets. I have to be bold with my business, career, finances and all other aspects of my life.

I am a bit frustrated with my cousin as he is dragging his feet on our business venture. I expect he is very risk aware and doesn't want to lose money but I have tried to encourage him that the benefits worth the risks. we shall see.