Diary of Naomi
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2014-01-06 02:47:16 (UTC)

New year.. New me?

"Hello diary, its been a long time since my last entry" is kind of the phrase I use the most in here.

So last year was "wonderful"? Not even close. "Okay"? No. "Crapy"? Can't find a better world to describe it. 2013 was so not my year. I got like 10 pounds from eating so much from so much food from so much stress from my senior year which is making me look way older than I am. I had a lotta fights with my mom. My grades were okay, but not what I expected. Pleople treated me like crap. I had like 2 or 3 crushes that were just dicks and I kinda still have a crush on one of them. Boy, oh boy.

But it wasnt bad like at all. I got a new phone.

Anyways, I want things to be different this year. I wanna loose some weight. Dont get me wrong. My weight is perfectly normal for a 16 year-old girl. People even say I should gain some. I wanna do it to feel good about myself. I look at other girls being so skinny that it just makes me drepressed. I wanna excercise, loose wait, look fab *:p*, and just feel good about myself.

I also would like to stp being so shy. I wish I could have as much friends as kids my age do.

End my last scholar year with perfect grades so I can get a scholarship from the college I want is also one of the things I want to do. Its like almost done since my school grades are excelent, just not as excellent as I want them to be.

Another new years resolution is to not fall in love with anyone. Guys are dicks. They appear, with therir pretty hair, and pretty eyes, and nice sense of humor and make you fall in love with them. Its just.. UGH. I also have to focus on school, so... I mean, dont get me wrong. I do wanna have a boyfriend, just not now. Not now.

And those are some things I wanna be succesful with year. May God help me do it.