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2014-01-05 13:43:26 (UTC)

Is change really possible?

There have been moments when i wanted to change . To change who i was, to change my habits. to change my life, to change me. Butis itreally this easy to change who are you are, or are you, how you are. Do we really have that option of changing ourselves or do we have to live with who we are. Is it really a choice? Can we choose who we want to be, and if yes, then till what extent. What part of us is that , which cannot be changed? What part is it, that truly describes us?
I have a transgender friend. For her entire life she has lived as someone she is not. She feels that she has never been a woman. And recently she decided it was time to end this false life and confront her reality. She says she always knew who she was from the inside and nothing could change that. She knew that she is a man and even the body she is given cannot prove that wrong. She decided to take that chance and go forward with her desicion. I have never seen her happier, or should i call her , him. He has become so much lighter and positive in life. And he did this to himself. He chose his life as it is now. He knows lfe might not be easy for him, and others might not accept this change ,but I can see that he needed this change. He needed this change on his outide because change on the inside just wasnt possible.
Though i havent told him so, i have learnt so much being with him through this. I learnt that pretending to be someone you arent doesnt necessarily make you that person. I learnt that sometimes believing in yourself is all you need. I learnt that to be happy you have to make yourself happy. NOone else is going to take that initiative. I learnt that the quote "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"Should be corrected to "life always gives you lemons, better learn how to make lemonade or you ll be a sad soul with a lots of lemons!" And i learnt that having someone beside you in a hard time is the best and only thing you can wish for, because sad times will inevitibly come but passing through them is what makes you stronger.

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