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2014-01-05 06:48:57 (UTC)

Same crib

I read somewhere that " maturity is when u knw that its just new year not new life" year is new but the problems, situation, cribing tensions everything is same. My bye bye to 2013 was very nice i wanted to kickass of 2013 and wanted to say get the hell out now coz 2013 was the baddest..yes BADDEST of my life... 2014 has stored some good things for me this is what i assume n it has to. lets see. This year i'll be more patient, focused and determined... i have gone to worst phase of my life in 2013, actually nothing to blame on year its about the time, when time is bad everything goes wrong...
I hope i'll get job soon..i choose wrong field but, now i'm trapped and have to find way out to tackle the problem n soon i will. i have faith in me n my god.
My exams is nearing n i have to complete 5 chapters today. i have to give my best in exam as its last sem n i want result to glow with grade "A" :) i hope it will. :D happy days come on my way.....m here!!! hehe olright den ill come to ur way lolzzzz...
cya all hav rocking sunday m/ coz tom is working monday... best thing about being jobless is u give a damn its monday or sunday haha....
signing off...... muhaa

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