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2014-01-02 09:16:24 (UTC)

Happy New Year 2014 :D

WOW!! its 2014 :) Happy New Year to all!!!
As i said that ill delete my dairy but i din't instead, i deleted more than half of the entries as they were all negative my annoyance, my anger, my bad temper, my bad encounter etc. well i have burned all the negativity from 2013....n all ready n happy to experience 2014. My new year eve was the best of my life :) i had been to Alibaugh with my family(expect mom n dad) the place was supa dupa osum fll of Nature, cool, fresh, my favorite BEACH!! wowy we cut the cake had wine, danced like anything, lovely dinner, watersports, beach walk, beach bath, collecting shells, posing for camera n lots of fish...hehe i forgot abt my deiting. i had a supa new year celebration n supa end of badest year of my life 2013...this trip n celebration filled in new energy, positivity, n enthu.. n also patience...
M back from trip n happy shall start with studies as exam is nearing..

i don't have any resolutions as such but i have some points that ill keep in mind for better year like ill be patient, i'll be positive, i'll be no more procrastinator, i'll give my life in whateva i do, i'll not giveup, i'll be active in spirituality (it brings peace n stability),ill not bother much, and the most important i'll look for bf for me i need it n i shud hav it hehe...and i'll not crib much... i knw its all not so easy as only figure od year changed not my life, my problems, situation everythg is same. but, i can change my attitude to face them all :)

Hoping for a rocking year...wish you all a very happy new year 2014!!!
god bless! be healthy and stay wise:)