peko peko
2014-01-02 03:05:53 (UTC)

my first writing this year

Wow! It has been long time i never write down my diary here. lol. Yeah, I was so busy with my campus life, such as exam, study, blah blah blah. I've finished my final exam this semester. But, i still don't know about the results. I hope I can get cum laude on my GPA. lol. Astungkara. I hope I can get A in all subjects. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure with Kanji, coz i didn't do well on final exam. Well, I hope I'm still able to get good score.

I'll be having my 'complicated free day' 'till next month. I say it complicated, coz I'm confused. I want to having fun with my friends while hanging out somewhere, but i'm going to miss my study time lol. I'm planning to take JLPT on July, 6th 2014. So,I think I have to study well started from now.

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