Sharon Valadez

My challenges in life
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2013-12-28 17:19:37 (UTC)


I just don't know what to do anymore!?!?!? So much confusion in my life. Do I stay with Anthony, do I continue the relationship with Benito. Or do I brake up with him and go out with josh. I really didn't think I felt anything for him until today when we started talking. All the feelings I had for josh just came back flying back into my heart. That smiling like crazy, the butterfly's in my tummy, the OMG he's talking to me... But he's hurt me so many times idk if I can trust him anymore. Then Benito the sweetest guy you could ever meet with that crazy and sexy smile. But idk we always fight we rarely see each other we almost never talk. Especially when he's with his family and if we do talk while he's with his family he's a jerk. Oh and Anthony the guy that buys me everything that says he's in love with me. He wants to get married but I don't know if I'm ready. I love Anthony but it's just so complicated. We fight most of the time but we always end up saying sorry and regretting what we said. It's like if we cannot live with each other. Seems like he's my drug and I'm his. It feels like if we separate will die. I guess I just need to figure witch one I really want to be with and get this confusion out of my head.

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