2013-12-27 23:16:32 (UTC)


We're already a week into break. I'm not exactly sure how I feel.
I still have bio and chorus homework to do.

it only took me a few days to sober up but I think all my feelings for everyone are gone, well, the people I had feelings for at least. I didn't exactly plan for that to happen, but it kinda just did. I forgot that after a long time without contact with someone I just begin to forget who they were to me.

I'm trying to learn to type with all my fingers, but it's actually pretty difficult because I'm not using my two pointers on each hand like I'm used to.

My mom keeps bringing up my glasses, but I was the one who choose them. Idk why? lol, I liked them a lot so I chose them and it made that trip to Pearle Vision a lot easier since we actually both agreed.

I didn't realize this before, but Khizar is a fucking asshole. He tries being nice but he's so goddamn fake towards me. Kinda really bogus because he seemed super down-to-Earth at first. and I don't like being ignored either, it drives me up the fucking wall. Lately I think the freshmen have been getting tired of me.

oh god, there's not enough songs i can relate to this evening. funny how the person farthest to me, ovais, understands me the most. which reminds me i have to tell him that i saw a hussain ad on the cta bus yesterday. it was awesome.

i'm hurting.