2013-12-26 01:50:10 (UTC)


It's now proper to say that I don't have a date for Homecoming. Phil is going to say no, Jacob is going to be taken, and Mathew has someone else, and even if they say no last minute, his parents would never let him go with a guy. If I asked Khizar, he would say no; he's infatuated with some other girl and Zubair has said no even when I asked as a joke. I made it awkward over text with Phil and I haven't asked.

You know what's been on my mind? The Asian guy that Gigi (Nino's friend) dates. Joshua has claimed on several occasions that he has accused him of being gay. I hope he's not a part of that secret Russia organization...Occupy Paedophilia. They're go against gay rights movements. How dare they...such narrow minded people and blind-sighted beliefs. They will never rid of homosexuals.

Love is a lot of one point, love becomes everything in the world, it's emphasized in this fast-paced society in order for us to survive, looks a lot more wonderful in the media but then people wonder why it doesn't work out in real life. I just wanted someone who would love me for who I was but I guess that's also pretty impossible. Someone who thinks outside of the box.

I wish people were more open-minded, more...I don't know how to describe it. Understanding? So many misconceptions and so many misinterpretations and misunderstandings, it all snowballs into one great hatred of this world, and it would be foolish to burden the entire world's hatred on your shoulder, by yourself. I love Naruto, but I would think that realistically that it can't be possible to be Naruto, he'd have to be some sort of god or legendary hero to think he can eliminate all the feelings of hatred and corruption and whatnot. It can never happen...

There's more than 7 billion people in this world, and a lot of them are illiterate, ignorant, believe in terrible things, twisted sense of morality, corrupted, quickly matured, diseased, blind, deaf, mute...a global message of love to get across, divides people when they try to make it their own. So many factors, so many variables...and of course, not enough constant.

I hope I don't get an answer from Phil. It would be better than him saying no.