2013-12-26 00:58:25 (UTC)

Not Quitee !!

I have been with the guy (from previous entries) for just over 2 years now and so I found that I was right to gamble and take that risk and I am glad I did. I am not going to let anyone manipulate me or force me to think he is anything different than who he is.

His mom (Big mama also from previous entries) has had her right leg amputated 24th December 2012 and around that time I had also taken the offer to move in with my dad and it was the worst time of my life with my partner worried sick about his mom n me worrying about her and then my mom nagging left right and centre because I had moved it was just becoming too much where, to the point, his mom apologised to my mom when she hadnt done nothing wrong just so that i could come back home... my mom even went as far as putting a death wish on her and she nearly came close to dying i dont know what i would have done ...

At the minute i am going to the Gem Centre regularly to put up with everything and to just have that extra person to talk to .. also because i was having suicidal thoughts but it was always my partner or his mom that was my barrier ... i couldnt leave them and i wanted to be with them.

So not quite there yet but i will eventually have my life stress free and .. hopefully.. still with my partner xx xx

Lauren. xx xx