2013-12-25 17:17:40 (UTC)


Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices.

This laptop is just ridiculously slick. I love it so much. I was thinking that I would be tired. I thought I was gonna wake up at like 6pm today lol.

First question: Who is your favorite freshman?
I actually have more than one. I would name Zubair of course, I've told him everything to my life so far. But quickly enough, Mat's climbing and I'm not sure where I'm going to place him in my life. I've even talked to Zubair about it.

The other questions were who they were, who were my crushes. Not so obviously Jacob and a rising thing for Mathew but I don't really want to say. You know who's hot? Naeem. He's ridiculously hot. I had P.E. with him last year and I wanted to talk to him and he was pretty cool. But he got super attractive and now he's a jock and I just want to hit something because I missed out on being his friend. It makes me angry. I'm not going to leave the school without making a jock friend lol. It seems like such a warming sight when someone who is incredibly cool, (like a jock) goes to talk to someone who isn't cool (like a nerd). It's not uncommon, but I want to see it happen.

I don't want to answer these questions anymore. :p