always wth love

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2013-12-20 08:48:40 (UTC)

xo my life

today is the last day very sad no lying about that
ummm yesterday id gotten my hair redone again
last night id bad dreams all over again
soo im not looking for of Christmas this year as for New Years.
so today I should be at class but im not all
horoscope says a lot bout me today I read all the time

im nervous as whats going happen next week and im totally scared what ive in both my classes today
for grades

im now a beyonce fan
I love "xo"
and so happy holidays
theres a lot I can say today but I wont have time to say it all

oh yeah ill tell you this I started thinkin of my future
of motherhood even thou im only in college is that weird
so wish id my iPod touch again wont get that ever again

I will miss you guys