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2013-12-18 00:14:56 (UTC)

My kind of love

Maybe there are different kinds of love.. But how can you define love if it has so many forms? How can you love someone you've never met? Yet i believe you can.. I don't know how this happens but it does..in some way.. At least that's how i feel. Although i haven't met him (yet!) i feel like I've known him my whole life. On the other side his existence seems unreal. It feels like he lives in another planet. Like i'll never have the chance to meet him. Talk to him. Touch him. Feel his breath on my face. Taste his lips. I wanna go to see him but not only from the crowd. I wanna talk to him, share my ideas, listen to him, about his ambitions, his thoughts, i wanna show him how much he means to me but i don't wanna keep saying the same things he's hearing everyday.. And i can't find these words that are going to sound different. I only have the voice of my heart which beats for him and some cold pictures on my phone. It's okay till now.. I get excited, i am happy, i love watching him.. But there will be a time that this is not going to be enough. You will always want more. And then you have to deal with it because there will be nothing you can do.. That's the worst part....