2013-12-15 17:34:01 (UTC)

Rings Around The Roses

I have so much to put. The first will be my poem.

"I'm sorry. I don't remember you."

small drops of glimmering fluid splatter the patterned green bedsheets, a constellation of ten little teardrops through the holes of your soft covers.

the time walked ever so slowly through your memories of the past, everything was a dream, and you didn't believe time when you said it wouldn't last. time has your neck, your heart by its throat now.


your unused knowledge knew somewhere new opportunities would negate the negativity of your memorable memories. your sadness caught up to your past...who knew the tables would be turned, emptier words like jars of collecting dust to a point where you could wipe the surface and start anew but that was not the case.
not for you.


you spent seconds, days, months, years attempting to form a glowing bond - the kind of beautiful bond where aurora lights ornate the intangible happiness you fail to describe in translatable words. features carved in your mind like cave drawings and a gem personality combined with the unique aspects of you created what was meant to be an irreplaceable period of your life.


if all things must come to an end, they should not start. a denial of flat reality only makes you feel more uncomfortable but the words of your "friend" displaced you in the first place. all the small details and every single inch of light -- they do not remember, and suddenly those aurora lights don't seem to dance in the now broken skies anymore. the lights, the gems, the so-called "forever" -- people move on and get over it, and you know that's what strikes you as the most bewildering. who forgets about someone who is remembered vibrantly?


in a few years from now, your bed sheets are clean and your well of tears has dried up. in a few years, I won't be a friend that forgets -- but the exception is you, because those aurora lights were the effervescence to my soul, and you had broken our skies.
when you approach me now,
"I'm sorry. I don't remember you."

I have so much feelings and not enough time to process them.