2013-11-30 05:33:34 (UTC)


We share 50% of our DNA, with a banana.

I don't know about you journal, but something seems a bit off about that. What features and characteristics make us similar to the banana? We perhaps...have a skin, are organic, and made of liquids. We have a life span, but as anything in biology...we decay, and die too.

Where does love play a role in that, biology? How does love actively die? An intangible concept that can seem so shattering to many people.

I had a dream about Faique previously. I don't remember what the location was, but I recognized it. The ambience was orange, and there were plants, whose dark green colors illuminated the bland room. It wasn't Faique I was talking to, but someone who resembled him with a lot more acne. I asked him if the vending machine worked, and he led me through how to use it. I didn't ask him to buy anything, all I had was a 5...I said thank you and gave it to him. He said oh...and I woke up.

I would like to believe my dreams have some sort of meaning to them, some sort of weird connection to how people physically or subconsciously thinking of me. I don't know why that seems interesting but it is.

I've been sick for a long time now. I've been coughing and sneezing and even vomited once. I'm not sire what lying to myself has done to me. I need to stop bad habits. I have a fluctuating, empowered need to control myself.

I have this northwestern sweater. Phil didn't let me have it...but he let me borrow it. The first few days I was home with it, and the smell of him comforted me so much. But not it smells like me...and I hope I don't smell bad. Shit. I need to do laundry.

I learned how to play Karma today...isn't that ironic? Karma always has me by the ear. And even more ironically, unholy "bad" items empower her to be her best. Figures.

I've been following twitter now for quite some time. Its a lot like fb, except now you can spam the feed. Idk. It's still a bit useless to me. I would like to be friends with Ahmed still.

That's the spiel.