I let myself fall into a lie..or did I?
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2013-12-14 18:43:01 (UTC)

Because I feel like it. Maybe this will help.

As i reflect upon myself back in 2005, I realize how silly I was.. but I also realize that I felt i knew everything.

I wish I could go back sometimes and spend more time.

Losing my uncle is so far the worst thing in my life.

Ive lost so many people close to me, I always leave with the question of why me. Why does my family get the shitty situation out of everything. Why does my life have to be impacted when my friends have never yet experienced death?

This. This is what I dont understand. How come. Why. WHY dont I understand it.

There are the little things in life like where im working (which i hate- fyi to older kelty. I hope you got out of this) and who should I marry, Have I found the right guy? Will I ever find the right guy?

It seems like as i get older, the less and less I know about life, myself, or whee to go.

When you where younger kelty you knew what you wanted. You knew who you where. You knew what you stood for. How come your now questioning these things?

Why are you living still in calgary? How come you haven't figured out where you want to go?

Maybe its time to look for guidance from others that have moved away, or the people you look up to.

This is so frustrating, im just so lost and confused on where to go, what to do, who to be with, why am I doing what i am doing (except BEING in IT. I still love it. I dont regret it. hell, what else would you be doing in life? Like really.)

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