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2013-12-12 03:31:28 (UTC)

As the Kid Goes for Broke

As the Kid Goes for Broke
D’Arc Tangent

Theresa sat on the sofa, her head resting against Brad’s shoulder as they watch yet another disturbingly violent action movie. Theresa loved him, but after about a year of dating, she felt more like a supporting character in his life, someone to do things with, but with no real connection between them. He never sent her flowers, gave her a gift, or even made dinner for her. When she came to his house, his mother cooked, when he came to her house, he never helped out, never offered any form of assistance, or for that matter, a thank you for the dinner. She knew Brad loved her. He said so many times. He comments on how lovely she is, but even though he was out of school now, he still was not making much money, and he had personal expenses to deal with, so she was alright with paying her own way in the relationship, buying her own drinks, paying for her own dinner, and her own movie tickets. She supported him in every way she could, and yet there still seemed to be a void in her life. There was something missing in the relationship. For some reason, they were not connecting. Theresa recalled all the times she blew off her family to spend time with him, to sit on the sidelines of his life as he did his thing, then come back to her so they could celebrate what he had done. Theresa could not understand why she was feeling so empty.
Thankfully, the movie was finished. Theresa’s thoughts about where they were going in the relationship distracted her from the more distasteful scenes in the movie, and she was barely aware the movie had ended until she felt Brad get up. As he put the remote back on the table he said, “Time for bed, Theresa.” And was about to head to his room when she took his hands. Brad stopped and turned to look at her. He must have felt her shaking because he returned to the sofa, and looked into her eyes.
“What is the matter baby?” he said as he sat next to Theresa and held her hand.
Theresa did not know what to say. She had thought about this all night. It scared her. Her throat was dry, and her head was swimming, and she was sure if he looked closely, he could literally see her heart beating in her chest. Brad pulled her into his arms, stroked her long auburn hair, and whispered, “It’s alright dear … it’s alright.”
Theresa held him tight, struggling to fight back the tears that were forming in her eyes. Her breathing was ragged, but she breathed deeply a few times, until she could get the shaking under control, and when she felt she was ready, she pulled back. Still holding his hands in hers, she continued to breathe deeply to settle herself for what she wanted to say. She opened her mouth, but it was dry, and her vocal cords did not seem to want to work. Her heart was still pounding in her chest, so she let go of Brad’s hands and took a sip from her drink still sitting on the table before them. She wiped the snot from her nose that suddenly appeared as she struggled with what she wanted to say, and when she finally got herself settled she looked into his brown eyes, and forced a bit of a smile to try to make him at ease.
“Brad,” she started, then took another deep breath, “Brad, tonight,” why was this so hard, she thought, this is what we need, this should be easy, another deep breath, then she adjusted her shoulders, and continued, “Brad, tonight, can I sleep with you?”
Brad just stared at her. For what seemed forever, he just looked into her eyes, and the longer he looked, the more scared Theresa became, and just when she was about to rescind the offer, and go home, he spoke.
“Oh god yes.” He said, and took her in a hug. He pressed her body against his, and held her there; he then released her, and kissed her hard on the mouth. Theresa was shocked by the response, then she felt his tongue trying to force its way into her mouth, and she acquiesced and opened her mouth to accept him. Brad pressed himself against her pushing her down on the sofa as he kissed her. Soon, his hands were sliding under her shirt reaching for her breasts. Theresa pushed him off her.
“What?” Brad said, puzzled. “I thought you wanted to?”
“Not out here.” She said as she sat up on the sofa. “What if your parents come home?”
Brad shrugged, then he said, “I’m sorry. You are right, this is not the place.” Then taking her hand, he practically dragged Theresa into his bed room.
As soon as they crossed the threshold of his bedroom, Brad let go of her hand and walked briskly to the other side of his bed, leaving Theresa to close the door behind her. Her heart was pounding again. She was going to do it. She was going to give herself to her man. This would seal their lives. This will finally bring the love and attention she craved from him. Again, she breathed deeply to calm her nerves. She started to shake again. She told herself over and over like a mantra that this is what she wanted. This was what she needed. What they needed. Theresa imagined him coming up behind her to comfort her. To hold her close to his warm body, and she could feel him undressing her. Not the clumsy attempt at groping her he had tried earlier, but the soft, sensual, slow and careful pulling her top over her head. She could feel him nuzzle her cheek, and nibble her earlobe as he cupped her breasts. She could almost feel his hands slide along her bra to the clasps, and feel his fingers as they slid back along her ribs, taking her bra with them as she could imagine the straps sliding off her shoulders. She knew the bra would just drop to the floor between her and the door as he cupped her breasts softly in his hands. She wanted him to pull her back into his chest as his hands slid down her belly to the button of her jeans. The excitement she would feel as he undid the button, and his fingers slid down her front, under her panties, and he touched her sacred space. She wanted so much to feel him there. To feel his fingers caress her clit. Theresa shivered again. The anticipation of Brad's touch how her quaking with nervous anticipation. She wanted to so much to feel his lips kissing down her spine as he slowly kneeled behind her. and reaching around her waist, undid the zipper on her jeans, and slowly pulled her pants down over her hips. Theresa imagined his soft hands caressing her hips, and cupping the cheeks of her buttocks before slowly pulling her lace panties down to expose her whole, naked body to his appreciative gaze.
Theresa turned around, expecting to see her soon to be lover gazing admirably at her, but was only met with the semi darkness of the room. The lights were off, and all that illuminated the room was the streetlight from outside.
"are you ready baby?" Brad's voice whispered from the darkness of the room. He was already undressed and in bed waiting for her.
Theresa began to undress. If she could not enjoy the pleasure of him undressing her, maybe he would enjoy as she slowly stripped for him. Theresa crossed her arms over her stomach, taking her shirt in her hands and slowly pulled it up over her head. As her long auburn hair fell back over her shoulders, and she dropped her top to the floor, she looked for the amazed look on Brad's face, but instead, he was busy typing something into his phone. When he looked up, he asked, "What's taking you so long? I thought you wanted to have sex tonight?"
Dejected, Theresa finished getting undressed and slowly walked to the edge of the bed. Hoping there was enough light for him to see her body and pay her a compliment, she paused. Brad looked at her, and smiled. Finally, she thought, he noticed me, and she waited for the compliment. Brad opened the sheet on his bed and patted the mattress.
"Ready baby?" he said?
Theresa shrugged her shoulders and climbed into bed next to Brad.
"Just a minute baby." he said, and reached under the blankets, shimmied a bit, then pulled his underwear out from under the blankets, and dropped them to the floor beside his bed.
"Now, we are ready." and he smiled wide, with a happy grin that Theresa took for the deep love he felt for her.
Brad turned on his side, and leaned over to kiss Theresa. Like in the living room, it was forceful. His mouth parted, and his tongue pressed its way into her mouth. Theresa gave in readily, wanting so much to ignite his passion. He moved closer to her, leaning over her body, as he continued his kissing he groped her breasts, massaging them as if he was kneading dough. He continued to slide his body over hers, and placed his knees between hers, opening her up to him.
"This is it." Theresa thought. "This is going to make our relationship stronger. He will pay more attention to me now." Theresa slid down on the bed, and spread her legs, then took Brad by the face and kissed him hard. Her mouth explored his with gusto. She reached between her legs and found Brad's erection. It was hard, and warm, and she guided it between her legs to her vagina, and let Brad push himself inside her.
Theresa winced slightly as Brad pushed inside her. The further he tried to go in, the more it hurt, but the pain was alright. It was supposed to hurt the first time. She reached between her legs to spread her vagina with her fingers, hoping it would make it easier. Brad pulled back a little, then pushed inside her again, going deeper, and Theresa had to bite her bottom lip to stem the whelp of pain she was feeling. Brad pulled back again, then thrust inside her again, pushing harder, and deeper, and Theresa's eyes began to water, but Brad was to focused on entering her to notice. Soon, the pain began to ease and Theresa could feel herself getting wet as Brad thrust inside her again. Soon the pain was gone as Theresa became slick, and Brad began to thrust harder into her, but it took only a few more thrusts into her before he came inside her. Brad let out a groan, as he ejaculated into Theresa, then he just collapsed atop her for a while. Theresa lay there, as Brad's manhood began to recede and as he fell out of her, his semen oozed out as well. Spent, Brad turned over on his side, then turning back he kissed Theresa softly on the cheek, then rolled back as he said, "Good Night Baby."
Theresa lay on her back. The space between her legs was raw and sore. Tears dripped from her eyes from the pain, but even through the tears, she told herself that this was the right thing to do. This will bring them closer, and it will get better the more times they do it. She tried to find a spot to lay that did not put her in the coldness of the wet spot created when Brad's semen dripped between her legs, but finally she moved closer to Brad, and pressed her body against his, and wrapped her arms around him.
"Did you enjoy that Brad?" she asked, but there was nothing but darkness and silence as a reply. "Brad?" she asked again, and lightly rocked him. Brad shrugged and moved further over to his side of the bed. Theresa moved to the other side of the wet spot, curled up on her side, and softly sobbed into the night. Around two o'clock in the morning Theresa awoke, and reach over to snuggle next to Brad, but his side of the bed was empty.
"Brad?" Theresa whispered, "Brad?" she said again as she felt around the bed for him. As she sat up in the bed, blankets pulled up to cover her breasts, she heard the sounds of a video game coming from the living room. She searched around for something to wear, and found her shirt and panties, and just hoped that there was no one else outside the room. Theresa slowly opened the door to Brad's bedroom and peered out into the living room. She could see him sitting on the sofa, illuminated by the flashing lights of his video game. She opened the door wider to look around, and could not see anyone else, so she slowly opened the door, and stepped into the room.
"Are you alright baby?" Brad said, not looking up from his game.
"How come you aren't in bed? Theresa asked.
"I woke up, and couldn't sleep, but you were sound asleep, so I came out here to play some games. How come you are up?"
"I woke up, and couldn't find you." she said, trying to stop her voice from cracking from the sadness she felt.
"This is my house, it was not like I was going anywhere." he said, still blasting away whatever pixelated enemies he was fighting.
"Do you want to come back to bed?" she asked, but Brad continued to play his game. Theresa sat next to him, and laid her head on his shoulder, hugging his arm as he continued to play his game. She did not crowd him. He did not like to be crowded when he played his games.
“Did you like that?” Theresa asked softly.
“Huh?” Brad said, not looking from his game, and not really hearing her, “What?”
“What we did. Was it good? Did you like it?”
Still focused on his game he said, “Yeah, it was good, good. Yeah.” And he quickly turned to kiss her cheek before turning back to his game.
Theresa unwound herself from his arm and headed back to the bedroom, stopping at the door to see if he was following, and when he did not look up from his game, she went back to bed. Still wearing her panties and top, she climbed under the covers. She wanted to cry, but thought it was selfish to expect him to change for her. She would just have to keep trying to find out what he needed from the relationship.
Theresa was unsure how long she had been asleep when she was aware of Brad sliding next to her, his arm was around her, holding her close to him. He snuggled in close, and she was aware of his erection pressed against her cheeks. Brad slid his hand down between her legs and started to fondle her through her lace panties. She shrugged slightly to push him off, but he returned to his position, this time sliding his hands under her panties, and touching her intimately.
“Brad, I have to get up for work soon.” She whispered, and rolled a little away from him.
“But you were so incredible last night.” He whispered into her ear, as he pulled her long hair from her ear and softly caressed her cheek, “I have not stopped thinking about how incredible you were. That was amazing.”
Theresa rolled onto her back, and slowly opened her eyes, “Really?” she said, and a small smile crossed her lips.
“Really.” He said, ”You are such a gorgeous woman, and you turn me on deeply.” as he returned to fondling her clit. Theresa squirmed at the touch, as she could feel herself getting wet from his touch. “Do you want to make love again?” he asked, but he was already pushing her panties down her legs.
Theresa kissed him, and helped slide her panties off her legs. She lay on the bed, and spread her legs as Brad climbed atop her. He slid himself into her. It still hurt slightly, but the wetness caused by his rubbing her helped ease the pain a little. Theresa bent her legs at the knees as she spread open further to receive him. As before, it was over in a few minutes, and Brad let out a soft moan as he came inside her. It felt warm, and arousing as she felt his manhood inside her, but he did not wait for his erection to end before he slid himself out, and kissed her hotly on the mouth.
“Thank You.” He said, and rolled back over on his side of the bed as Theresa lay there, again feeling unfulfilled. She could not pinpoint why. She had just made love with her boyfriend. That, alone, should have elated her, but she still felt something was missing. She could not talk to Brad as he was already snoring softly on his side of the bed, so she just there, staring at the ceiling as the sun started to come up. She looked at the clock, and it was almost 4:30 in the morning, and she would be getting up for her early morning shift in half an hour, so she gathered her clothes, slipped her panties back on, and went to take a shower, dress, and go to work.
The morning was blissfully busy. Theresa had no time to dwell on what had happened, and only the occasional tenderness between her legs when she stopped for a moment reminded her of what she had done. Whenever she had a break, it was a struggle to overcome the feeling that something was wrong. Some how, she felt like she had done something wrong. She struggled through the rest of the day. Everything was harder to today. Her focus was gone, and it was a struggle to do anything, to recall simple commands. When her shift was finally over, Theresa went to her car, sat in the parking lot for a while, and cried. She did not know why, she just did. When she finally regained her composure, she started home. Thankfully her mother was not home. There was no way she could tell her what had happened. No one she could talk to. She was alone in her pain, and all she wanted to do was sleep.