always wth love

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2013-12-03 09:30:52 (UTC)

my hoilday was blasted on me

dear dairy
so im listening dark music until i gotta go 2 class
so im done harping on the love thing?
its pulled me back 2
of thinkin of drugs again
well my holiday was horrble

everyday im at point dont caring how im effecting my family
this morning around 6 something id a long lecture of death and love, friends. i really done trying keep my random thoughts in the ocean.

so im hoping i can be that young girl again whos wasnt so native
im tellun you that im insurce person,
had no more tears come out of these eyes

soo ive saw the light of my future
i still dont seee myself wth someone
well im hoping can be honset wth someone again
and i dont luv thankgivin anymore
or xmas

i think again i wannna die
but thats who am
so im back alone again