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2013-12-01 22:35:57 (UTC)

Communications Issues

I am not entirely sure what is causing our messenger problems. Monday and all of this week I will keep checking for you. The backup is to leave messages here as you can. I will do the same. I want you to know that I am TRYING to get reconnected!!!!

I will be checking [email protected] as well!



As i've noted i have logged into my hotmail messenger every day except for perhaps twice since i returned on 11/14. i have probably left at least 12-14 messages there for You, all unanswered.

And i have left a few messages here in the diary.

So i don't know what to say.



Its Not working. I remember you were having issues before you left.

Are you sure you didn't fall back to another address or something? I haven't gotten a single one.

I WILL be here Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Will you?


i saw Your IM message from a few days ago about reloading the software but nothing since then. i will do my very best for Sunday. Slight chance i might be able to visit Saturday afternoon -- i should be home around 1 pm.


There's nothing wrong with my hotmail email or IM. i've received other messages on it (notably a former Cassiopeia sub, rachel who reached out to say hello) on it. i've done absolutely nothing to change anything. The only issue i had prior was getting the IM to launch once i was logged into the account. i've not had that issue repeat itself.

i have an on-campus class Saturday, so no i cannot be here that day.



So I have deleted my account and totally reloaded it......I sure hope It works! I understand about Saturday but will MISSSSSSSSSSS you......its been way way way way too long My slutbaby.......See you Sunday (if not sooner)



i saw your IM message from a few days ago about reloading the software but nothing since. There's a slight chance i can visit Saturday afternoon sometime after i get home around 1 pm. Not totally sure if or what time however.