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2013-11-30 22:03:54 (UTC)

Im sat in a vietnamese..

Im sat in a vietnamese restaurant in soho, on a Saturday night. Im on my own, which I don't particularly mind in terms of self consciousness.. Or so i try convince myself. I am after all, hunched purposefully over my phone with a slightly exaggerated furrowed look on my face. But maybe this is how I always text but im only conscious of it because im on a restaurant. On a Saturday night. I also reshuffle every few minutes. O wonder whether that gives my feelings of ambivalence away. What's more is that I've made a mess of my order. You see when I last came here just a week ago, the female half of the first-date-couple (FDC?) sat across from me and jack ordered something which smelled so delicious that I leaned across and asked her what it was. She didn't hear me at first which caused some slight awkwardness but her prospective partner got her attention what is that, it smells deli-cious' I said, emphasising the 'delicious' in a way that was unusual to how I normally spoke, and she answered 'oh, its the hanger campfire steak' I smile and say 'ah, thanks' she says, 'its delicious' she says, and her voice trails off and we return to our respective meals.
So tonight for some reason unbeknown to me, not realising id forgotten this information, I ordered what I thought was the steak - felt convinced as well because it was 'in the part of the menu I seem to remember it being on' - I had no reason to believe this so goodness knows why. Anyway the duck id wokked duck id mistakingly ordered arrived soon after my salmon rolls and I realised my silliness. The waiter kindly allowed me to exchange it without me feeling like id scorned him, like a lot of waiting staff sometimes do.

Im now suddenly feeling Nauseous. Well not exactly sudden, the feeling started setting in just before I left to come out and eat. Its the reason I headed out. I've had nothing bit cake and tea the entire day. And then some leftover food from last night. Could that be the reason why I feel like this? Hostel living isn't exactly sanitary in general, but the Hammersmith branch I suspect is particulay under standards. Their toilets are vile. You can smell the 'uncleanliness' quite literally. You know when you walk into a place and you know its a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. The door handles are sticky, the bar smells, everywhere smells. The food is very poor and probably crawling With goodness knows what. Or maybe im being unfair. Bt they do always say you should judge the cleanliness of a place by their toilets and their bathrooms are fucking rank. Anyways why was I talking about the hostel? Im staying there - literally sharing an 8 bed dorm with 7 others whom I've never met. I've never shared a rook in my life since leaving home so this is quite an extreme departure for me. 'Departure' makes it sound vountary whereas I had little choice.