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2013-11-23 17:35:37 (UTC)

7/6/13 Saturday

Fell aslepp 7 or 8. Had dreams I was living in someone's house for a night then sneaked out. Then 2 sisters drowned in sea. Got up at 4. 不爽he owes me so much money and not paying me enough each month and leave me at home. Kmart. Mad he said going to play again. So I told him ill go work too if he goes. Home. He is home dont know he was kidding or afraid I'll go work he stayed home. Shower. Was all goid until his fd asked him to go eat with folsom girls. Got so mad. At his fd and him. Why doesnt he make it clear to them. Bitched at him for hours mentioned money too of course. He said he cant afford it. After hours we r cool. Still haven't solved problems.