2013-11-23 16:37:51 (UTC)

11/11/13 Mon

One of the worst days of my life. First found out he added Linda. Already mad as hell. Then found his wechat pics and he called the girl wife. So sad and dissappointed. My real love treats me the worst. talked to him for the whole night he was sleeping. i couldn't control myself but talking. called phone insurance. only $99 this time and will be here tmrw. talked more. finally got tired and fell asleep. woke up at 2. my whole body was shivering and feeling weights on my body. this is the first time i feel betrayed from a relationship. he is the first guy i know that betrayed me. never ever date a young boy and narcissist. watched tv. talked with him on wechat. asked him to come back and clear everything with me. he really wants to break up with me. fuck. he came back, told me the pic was taken a long time ago. but the fact he post them on wechat is betrayal. it hurt me. he kind explained. forced me to suck him. how can i resist him! then he went to oakland said will come back early.