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2013-11-23 02:02:01 (UTC)

11/21/13 Thurs

He was playing mj. I text him to sa6 happy birthday. Asked him for gift. He said add 10000 to make it 80000. And will be home with me today. Came hom3 at 4. Had sex. Everything was good until next day. He was on the couch. I went there to sleep next to him. I dont remember what i said. He told me to shut up but i couldn't. He got mad and said we have to break up. I went inside. After a while, trying to make up, i went outside again. Guess im just too 怨气,he is too annoyed by my complains. He needed to go out anyways. Wechat him. He said the meanest thing. He said he doesn't love me anymore. I shouldn't 像鬼一样纠缠他。he came back at 8 to put more things in fish tank. I wasn't talking to him. He asked me if 8 want in and out. I said ok. Got food. Went out again. I started packing. He came back at midnight. Went to sleep first, i packed a lil more. Went to bed too. Did hold him for a while. I dont know whays going on between us. Clearly he doesn't want me and betrayed me. Why cant i le5 it go?

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