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2013-11-13 18:55:49 (UTC)

11/13/13 Wed

He came to room at 2. Asked him if we r breaking up he said yes. Im so sad. Trying to talk to h8m but he wont. Asked him to hold me he wont. He wont even let me touch him. I was already 低三下气 but he just 更烦。in the morning, he is normal again. But still wants to break up. He went to work. I booked micro but cant do lip laser. Ulta. Bestbuy used reward for candies. A lil late for N so just gonna go facial. Bought clinique. Did facial. Have to get up early to do things. Office gave money, fill out form. James came to pick up at 5. J is dropping off stuffs so i came home. He came back to give ppl stuffs amd said super busy.